Decoding Mustard Trends this summer!

Hey readers, hope you all doing great! Being this as our first blog, I'd like you'll to know me. I'm Prachi Mehta,writing my first blog here through STFY. Sitting in front my laptop, at my work desk and enjoying a sip of coffee thinking about my love for shoes that made me impulsive to take up this subject of writing a blog myself.

T'is season at STFY, we indulge in some pop colours and our favourite amongst the list is MUSTARD!!

The it-hue of the season, mustard yellow is bold without being in-your-face and the perfect balance between sexy and classy, making it the perfect tone to rock anywhere from the office to the bar this season.
1. Rock your Brunch look or a Saturday Night Party at that newly opened club, in all black with a pop of Mustard Heels without being too extra.
2. One concern that tops our chart is "What should be an appropriate office look?"
Neither being too boring nor bold, we choose our Mustard cross mules, constructed with a mid heel, gives you the comfort to carry it all day long. So now you can be a fashion inspiration for your colleagues.                                          
3. Digging for comfort at Parties? We understand wearing Black or Nude everyday isn't your thing and you can't ditch comfort for fashion. Why not to Try on the Block heels?
Hope you enjoyed reading our first blog.
Tell us in the comment section on what would you like to know more
Model picture by Nupur Munot.
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